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Why Your Doctor’s in a Bad Mood

More from the war on medical insurance.

Managed care is forcing patients to get creative. Last year, I got a letter from an internal medicine colleague who practices just a few blocks from me. She and two other women internists took the ...

Too Close for Comfort

When aircraft carriers dock in Coronado

"The best thing we can do is to tell people to stay inside. They’re going to be better off there than if they tried to get out of Coronado.” This is especially true if it’s an airborne hazard.

The profits they'll make

San Diego Housing Commission director Betsy Morris is throwing a free lunch today for city council staffers. Insiders say the main topic on the agenda is the commission's proposed swanky new office tower at 11th ...

Nerds Fleece Public

The meek have not yet inherited the earth, but the nerds have taken over the world's financial system. Without meaningful reforms, the meek should refuse their inheritance, according to a superb new book, Infectious Greed: ...

War and Journalism

When I see an embedded reporter like, say, the late David Bloom of NBC (a great reporter and sorely missed), green in night-vision light, crouched behind a berm, whispering into his mike while guns and ...

Sins of the Father

David Westerfield’s kids want privacy

The following day, Court TV's Harriet Ryan wrote that when Westerfield's son took the stand, the usually stoic Westerfield's "body began to shake in an even more pronounced manner than it has at other points during the trial.

Glendale's Deukmejian Wilderness Park reaches high into the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.

Not many small- or medium-size cities can boast of three mountain ranges within its border, but Glendale, California, does. Stretching east and north from the San Fernando Valley, the city takes in substantial parts of ...

Geriatric dinosaurs?

Hi Matt: Dinos got really, really huge. What was their life span anyway, on average...say, for a full-grown T. rex? They must have lived a long time to grow as gigantic as they did. -- ...

"Mene, mene, tekel, parsin." And I mean it!

Mattster: What does the handwriting on the wall say? Who wrote it? What wall is it on? Is it in pencil, crayon, spray paint? Why should I care what it says? -- Pardon Me, San ...

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