Content for Thursday, January 10, 2002

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Smiths: What They Do and How They Do It

The black-caped, cast-iron devil figure was playing the violin and wearing a top hat and heavy horn-rimmed glasses. It rested on a cast-iron drum with a drumhead made out of a $450 piece of cobalt ...

Impatient Heart

"I was in Bangkok six years ago and picked up some kind of hepatitis-family virus — they couldn't isolate it — and it infected my heart muscle and left me with cardiomyopathy. So now I'm ...

Smokey Bandits

From July of 2000 to April 2001, a new kind of crime wave hit San Diego County. Boiled down to penal-code labeling -- 211 for armed robbery, 459 for burglary -- the crimes weren't anything ...

Inside dope

Nationally syndicated columnist Bob Novak is out with what he says is the inside story behind the long delay in picking a new United States Attorney for San Diego. According to Novak, staffers at the ...

What happens when things go stale?

Hey, Matt: When bread goes stale, it gets hard. When hard cookies or crunchy cereal go stale, they get soft. Do they both end up with the same amount of softness and hardness? Do they ...

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