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A diet doctor is gunned down in an alley outside his storefront clinic, and it looks like the kind of murder case San Diego homicide cops loathe: the professional hit, with a lengthy list of ...

Should 7-Eleven change their freezer settings to save energy?

Hey, Matt: Good news! I may have solved the energy crisis in California. The temperature inside the freezer at a local 7-Eleven was minus 23 degrees Fahrenheit according to the thermometer mounted on the side ...

Why does "Mayday, Mayday!" mean "help?

Mayday! Mayday! Why the heck does this mean "help"? -- At Sea, at sea It's the English spelling of the pronunciation of the French "M'aider!" "Help me!" Of course, if you've just been mugged in ...

Why do we celebrate St. Valentine's Day?

Hey, Matt: Why do we celebrate St. Valentine's Day? In Mexico it is the Day of Friendship and Love. What did St. Valentine do? When did he live? -- Matias V. Garcia, the net I'm ...

Rules of Engagement

"I will get that ring back."

He was on top of me, wrestling me to the ground, pulling at my fingers in an effort to tear the ring — that symbol of his love for me — right off my finger.

Green Trap

Following the deregulation of the power utilities in California, a host of alternative providers began an advertising blitz; some promised environmentally conscious power generation, some offered lower rates, some both. Now, none of the companies ...

If You Don't Run You Don't Get Hit

Have you ever seen the men standing outside Home Depot looking for work? The Spanish-speaking men in baseball hats who are brave enough, or desperate enough, to get into any car that pulls up? Men ...

Religious experience

Toilet-to-tap, that less-than-appetizing plan to convert raw sewage into drinking water, was banished from the San Diego City Council's agenda after a storm of public controversy erupted more than two years ago. But this week ...

Eye Doc

Quick and easy corneas

“People are very motivated to take care of their eyes. They’ll do whatever you tell them, so there’s a high compliance rate. And nobody dies. I like having a high prognosis for recovery when I operate.”

Get up-close and personal with boulder stacks in the southernmost reaches of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Drive an hour east on Interstate 8 from San Diego toward El Centro and you won't fail to be impressed by the enormous stacks of rounded boulders thrusting skyward over the high-desert landscape. How did ...

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