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Leave me alone: San Diego's Goths

Goths are happy being sad

She was tall, blond, and, like almost everyone there that night, dressed in jet black. What she shouted at — to be heard over the music — hurt, but only for a second, like a ...


An alleged drug dealer from San Diego is acting as his own lawyer in a Providence, Rhode Island, federal court, where he's charged with moving thousands of pounds of marijuana from California to Rhode Island, ...

Interrogates Video Land patrons

As soon as I’m a rock star and filthy rich, I'm going to buy a Betamax

“The idea of running out to spend $3.75 and then returning your movie doesn’t seem the way we’re going. In five years we’ll be saying, ‘Remember when we had to actually go out and rent our videos?’"

Just Flop

More than one way to fall off a skateboard

Fearing I would fly forward ahead of my board and into the concrete floor, I didn’t commit enough of my weight to the front foot and the board slipped forward, out from underneath me.

Which snake is the most poisonous?

Dear Matthew and Alice: After many hours of Animal Kingdom, Wild Planet, and all those other nature programs, I still have one unanswered question concerning poisonous snakes. According to certain televised sources, the black mamba ...

Why is hot water needed for a woman having a baby at home?

Matt: Whenever there's a movie about a woman having a baby at home, the person delivering the kid will say, "I need lots of hot water." For what? I never see them washing anything, and ...

Cures on the Fly

Once known as San Diego's "county hospital," UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest is now a teaching hospital for one of the nation's most prestigious medical schools. As the old county hospital, it was known as ...

At-Risk Ranch

In January of 1999, Alpine land developer Tom Dyke donated 627 acres on two parcels in East County's Campo area to St. Vincent de Paul. The charitable organization immediately announced plans to build a long-term ...

She said, he said

UT cartoonist and Clinton fundraiser spar over child

After Larry's death, Kelley moved into Crown Manor, the lavish eight-bedroom mansion with 17 bathrooms on the Coronado beachfront that Larry had built for Shelia. Then, in April 1999, the couple had a son.

Climb from Discovery Lake in San Marcos to the summit of Double Peak.

South of the spreading suburbs of San Marcos, a scruffy ridgeline scrapes the southern sky. Topographic maps note the obscure names of its various high points: Cerro de las Posas, Double Peak, Franks Peak, and ...

P.B.'s Pisser Clam Club

Nostalgia for New England and Chesapeake mollusks

I may have been sitting on the western rim of the continent, but for about half an hour on January 23, I thought I was back East. Pete Trabucco, co-owner of Chaz’s Sunset Cafe on ...

Let’s Be Friends

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