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San Diego's tennis curse

Just ask Peter Herrmann, Walter Redondo, Karen Hantze, Gigi Fernandez

The isolation of sports gives tennis players—who even fail to be socialized by playing on teams and learning to cheer on others—a Peter Pan aura, a continuous youth and a potential escape from responsibility.

Take 8-East for Low-Cost Luxury

East County hides subdued millionaires

“There are a lot of transplanted Midwesterners in East County that like a drier climate, not as moist and damp as the beach is. And they like to see the sunshine a little bit more.”

Asthma Camp

Every Father's Day, over 100 San Diego youths, aged 8 to 13, get on a bus to spend a week at Camp Marston in Julian. While going to summer camp is not unusual, for many ...

The Natural World of the California Indians

Why they burned the land so often

“The men started the fire, and the women watched to see that it did not approach the houses. When it did, it was beaten out. It burned the hills, all over, clean through to the next one.”

Walk around San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park

Stroll amid prickly pear thickets.

In summer and fall, perhaps two or three centuries ago, Native Americans on the coastal side of the mountains were busy gathering luscious fruit from stands of prickly pear, tuna, and other varieties of cactus. ...

Find brides on the Volga

The women reading your letters don’t understand English

The FAQ page at A Volga Girl: International Bureau of Introductions ( Umm, what? Beautiful Russian women eager to be your bride! Oh, cool. But what about that Volga thing? Isn't that a show tune ...

Why do they call the stock market a "bull" market when rising, and a "bear" market when down?

Stockbroker Matt: When the stock market is rising, they call it a "bull" market, right? And when it falls, it's a "bear" market, is it not? WHY? I can see maybe that a bull is ...

Do you know of any newspaper columnists who have risen to fame using a fake name?

Mr. Alice: It is my dream to one day become a famous newspaper columnist, only, get this, I don't plan on using my real name. My reading public will know me only by my nom ...

Does a shower help rehydrate you when you are hung over?

O Great Imbiber: Does a shower help rehydrate you when you're hung over, or does it just wash the stink off? -- Greg in OB It's like this, Greg. Ya gotta get that agua inside ...