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The Art of the Cash Harvest

How local pols glean big bucks from fat cats.

The politicians of San Diego have a well-earned reputation for laundering campaign contributions. In the past six years, no less than five major funding scandals have erupted, resulting in a series of five- and six-figure ...

George Packer's Blood of the Liberals

Crypto history of 20th Century America

“Liberalism went from being populist to being corporate, from being Jeffersonian to being New Deal. And it had its greatest successes, and it also had its greatest defeat, as a result of that change."

Spear Man

A foreigner in fish world

Mark Bucon’s plan is to spear fish at a spot along the Northern Baja coast known only to him and a few other guys. Five minutes before we arrive, he unties a black bandanna from ...

Belmont Park's Big Dipper roller coaster

Its nauseous and wrenching disregard for human life

My spine was being wracked sideways, then back, my neck whipping brutally into sudden, unnatural movements that brought sharp pain. The screams of the others were hoarse, incomprehensible gibberish.

I'm Always on the Go

The first thing you notice about Bob Guthrie's appearance is his hands. They're huge -- the hands of a man who's worked hard using them. His physique is unusually hard and lean for a 59-year-old ...

A Big Message

On concluding its December 6, 1999, session, San Diego City Council honored a community volunteer, but few people knew Janice Kay Loesel or how she died. Councilman Juan Vargas described her as a tireless member ...


Hollywood is promising a forthcoming movie about a famous scam artist who currently lives in San Diego, and now they can add a new twist to the story. Barry Minkow, who did a seven-year stretch ...

How long will it take for the sugar in my hummingbird feeder to ferment?

MA of Reader: I was just looking at a hummingbird feeder outside my window, and I began to wonder if the sugar mixture would eventually begin to ferment. If so, how long would it take? ...

Where are lifeguard stations 7 through 9 in Mission Beach?

Dear Matthew: Over the years I've walked most of San Diego's beaches and noticed the lifeguard stations have numbers on them. I've seen them as high as the 20s and 30s. On Mission Beach, just ...

Why would people be interested in moldy corn from our fields?

Dear Matthew Alice: We grew a lot of corn this year, and some of it got this gross-looking gray and white crud on the ears, so we picked all those and put them out to ...

Hike to Lone Tree Point above Avalon on Santa Catalina Island for a great view.

The languid pace of life on Santa Catalina Island reflects its aloofness from the increasingly frantic business of living on the Southern California mainland. A weekend visit there is truly relaxing, whether you choose to ...

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