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Mexican Landscapes in San Diego: Museum of Man, La Jolla Women's Club, Casa de Bandini

The Mission myth debunked

Shaping mud into adobe bricks was brought to the Americas by the Spanish, who had learned it from the Moors. But adobe was a material Pueblo culture had worked with before, although not in the efficient brick form.

Pioneer in Oceanside

Oceanside Museum of Art takes over Irving Gill city hall

Pessimists! Like the poor, they’re always with us. When people started to promote the notion of an Oceanside Museum of Art about five years ago, James Pahl, director of that museum today, recalls, “About half ...

Music for Bare Skin

"People put stuff in your drinks,” said Angela, a topless dancer with Jagger lips and Parton breasts. “It happened to me once. It wasn’t enough to knock me out, but I could tell something happened.” ...

Long Gray Line

General MacArthur changed a young soldier's life

"The Japanese were literally dying in the streets from hunger. MacArthur commandeered all the food that had been stored up but never used for the invasion of Kyushu, and he turned it over to the Japanese people.”

Militarizing the Border

Brian Bilbray has no doubts: It's time to send in the troops. All along the border. "We need to send a very clear message, almost in the tone of John Kennedy, when he said, 'We ...


Citizen watchdog Mel Shapiro has won yet another court battle in his never-ending crusade to pry open the obscure machinations of local government to public scrutiny. The latest victory came last week, after Shapiro and ...

Is McDonald's really the largest purchaser of cow eyeballs?

Dear Matt: Is McDonald's really the largest purchaser of cow eyeballs? -- Jason, Mission Beach Yeah, I know I said I'd had my fill of obvious urban legends. But with this tall tale I figured, ...

What the heck is the female announcer saying on the Baja, California Mexico commercial?

Hey, Matt: I keep hearing what I think is a commercial in a foreign language on several of the local radio stations. It goes something like this. "Icky, socky, ramey, afamey, Baja California, Mexico." What ...

Have you ever heard of rats chewing the wiring in a car engine?

Dear Matt A: Have you ever heard of rats chewing the wiring in a car engine? Rats are eating my car! What I'm wondering is, why are they doing it and how can I stop ...

See some of San Diego County's tallest and fattest trees on Middle Peak in the Cuyamaca Mountains.

If you like big trees, Middle Peak is the place to go in San Diego County. Middle Peak's cone-shaped form is capped with some of the largest coniferous trees in the Cuyamaca Mountains and in ...

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