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San Diego high-fidelity fanatics

What the ears love

“I took up car stereo seriously about a year ago. What’s required is good speakers and digital signal processing. I have a big subwoofer in the trunk. Oh, and you have to have a very quiet car.”

School Daze

A Kansas City charter school operated by San Diego-based School Futures Research Foundation, which is backed by South Bay billionaire John Walton, has flunked a state-university audit and may be forced to close unless it ...

How to Grow Your Own Tiny Forest

San Diego Bonsai Club's annual spring show

“A natural bonsai is a tree that has grown in a very rugged environment and is naturally stunted.” Jackson collected some of his in Jacumba. California junipers; they are 500 or 600 years old.

Going Native

Grass aliens menace Mount Palomar

The area we're hiking in burned last summer when Santa Ana winds blew a local man's trash fire into surrounding brush, scorching hundreds of acres. Now, the ground beneath us is black with soot.

Battle of the Tongues

Lorena González doesn't want to use the "B" word. " 'Bilingual' has too much history attached to it," she says. "And besides, from what I've heard, you're very anti-second-language out on the West Coast. Especially ...

Mystery team

Who really owns the Padres? A limited partnership registered in Delaware, San Diego city officials say. In response to a recent request for public records about the team, Deputy City Manager Bruce Herring said the ...

In Search of the Supreme Tortilla

A college friend of mine who hailed from England harbored both disgust and distrust toward burritos. He thought of them as seeping, seething sacks of food, secretive and primitive in an unappetizing way. I, however, ...

Why do digital things bounce up and down when you eat something crunchy and other things do not?

Dear Matthew Alice: Try this: Eat something crunchy (such as corn chips) while staring at a digital clock (such as on a microwave). The numbers bounce up and down! Why is this? And why don't ...

Why do planes flash their lights before landing?

Oh, All-Knowing One: I live in the flight path of Lindbergh Field in South Park (I love saying that), and I was wondering. Sometimes planes will flash their lights when approaching. Is it because there ...

Steer your mountain bike over 20 miles of rural roads southwest of Julian - near Eagle Peak and Cedar Creek.

Real mountain bikers don't putter around on pavement, which is why (if you identify with this description) you should try the following route on mostly dirt roads through the western foothills of the Cuyamaca Mountains. ...