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San Diego's intrepid metal finders

The coinshooters at the beach, the relic hunter who goes to railroads and ghost towns, the professional who risks Mexico, the ocean searcher

The faint sound through the earphones is like the buzz of a mosquito on the other side of the room when you're trying to sleep. It nags at your attention, keeping you alert. Then, when ...

How WWII San Diego's Japanese deportees rebuilt their lives

Mission Beach pool refused to let Nikki swim

During the first state-wide blackout in mid-January 1942, Dr. Roy Tanaka spoke to a patient on the phone in Japanese. The next morning two FBI agents escorted him to their headquarters at Sixth and Broadway.

Explore serene Dos Picos County Park, between Ramona and Poway

Serene Dos Picos County Park, outside Ramona, nestles into East County's sweet-smelling chaparral hillsides like a dewdrop caught in the hollow of a leaf. On a recent weekday visit there, I spotted only a few ...

Susan Brandt-Hawley takes on Padres baseball stadium

Downtown ballpark needs environmental impact report

Years ago, when a high school friend talked about wanting to become a lawyer, Susan Brandt-Hawley, an aspiring writer, thought, "How dull." Yet, after graduating Phi Beta Kappa from San Diego State University in 1974, ...

CHP checks Mexican trucks from Otay crossing

"They can tow it back to Mexico or someplace for repairs"

At the east end of Otay Mesa, where the business parks and trucking yards give way to open grassland, stands the California Highway Patrol's Otay Mesa Truck Inspection Facility. It's a sort of nouveau-industrial building ...

Helen Copley and her son David stockholders in Florida Panthers hockey team

John Moores refuses to register as a lobbyist

There doesn't seem to be any doubt about where Union-Tribune owner Helen Copley stands on the county grand jury's investigation into Mayor Susan Golding and the money-trading scandal surrounding last year's campaign to build a ...

A guide to San Diego's long-lived Victorian houses

Unfashionable castles .

Another prominent San Diego attorney-turned-judge named E.W. Britt built this nine-room Queen Anne and later sold the residence to newspaper magnate W. Scripps, for use as a townhouse while Scripps's Miramar Ranch was under construction.

Has the red in traffic signals changed?

Matmail: I've noticed lately that something is different with the red lights used in our street signals. Instead of a nice uniform glow (like the yellow and green), the red seems to emit its light ...