The Inside Story

A guide to San Diego's long-lived Victorian houses

Unfashionable castles .

Another prominent San Diego attorney-turned-judge named E.W. Britt built this nine-room Queen Anne and later sold the residence to newspaper magnate W. Scripps, for use as a townhouse while Scripps's Miramar Ranch was under construction.

San Diego's Webster Elementary was a seedbed

Everybody I need to know I met in kindergarten

There was a stabbing in the bathroom at Horace Mann in the late ’60s that was taken to be race-related. Tension built as kids from Lincoln and Crawford came down to 54th Street for a show of force.

I was Susan Sontag's San Diego escort and I was sorry

Heart of darkness

“Maybe you can help me out,” she asked. “Susan’s got interviews in San Francisco and L.A., but I’m having trouble getting her into the alternative press. Do you have any suggestions?”

Transvestite political figure Nicole Murray

When a February 4 Reader story revealed Nicole Murray's past arrests for male prostitution and told how he was advertising his services as a "transvestite counselor," Murray's 15-year reign as one of San Diego's most ...

Tribune reporter Robert Blair Kaiser helps Joan Kroc make news

Newspaper reporter strive for intimacy with their sources; knowing people who make the news means you might be there to cover the story when it happens. Tribune reporter Robert Blair Kaiser has managed that, and ...

On the L.A. Times San Diego County Edition

Some San Diegans still resent buying an "out-of-town" newspaper, no matter how many local stories it has.

The Los Angeles Times has paid dearly to crack the San Diego newspaper market. Millions have been lavished on radio and billboard promotions of the paper's six-year-old "San Diego County Edition" and millions more spent ...

Maureen O’Connor removed from Port Commission

Proponents of downtown’s budget breaking new convention center get a big boast January 1 when Maureen O’Connor is removed from the port commission at the expiration of her four-year term. O’Connor was unfailingly skeptical of ...

Chacon and Peace Supoort SD-LA "Bullet Train"

Their decision last week to endorse the controversial San Diego-to-Los Angeles “bullet train” should have been a difficult one for state Assemblymen Pete Chacon and Steve Peace. All their local legislative colleagues — Republicans and ...

I.B. Mayor Brian Billbray Distances Himself from Log Cabin Club

When Imperial Beach Mayor Brian Bilbray ran for state assembly two years ago, he received an endorsement from the twenty-five member San Diego Log Cabin Club. This group of gay Republicans found Bilbray to be ...

What to do when the Coronado bridge is paid off

Killea vs. Mononnier vs. the Coronado mayor

The $44 million bond debt on the 14-year-old Coronado Bridge should be paid in full by late 1986. With the construction bonds retired, the 14 million drivers who annually cross the span should, in theory, ...

An inside look at the Midway post office

Supervisors perform no manual labor whatsoever, nor are they allowed to eat with the workers

At 5:00 a.m. the loudspeaker sputters, then, “The mail from San Berdoo [San Bernardino] has now arrived.” From my vantage point I see workers pulling the cages, loaded with sacks and trays, out of the elevators.

B.B. Ruffin, La Jolla's most connected leftist, departs

Goodbye radical chic

You don’t have to do much to get known in San Diego...First you go social and they invite you to the Jewell Ball, then you go in the theatre and you get rave reviews, then you go into Radical Chic and you are known as Ruffin the Red and B.B. the Commie Marxist.

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