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The Helix Scotties battle their way to victory

It's not easy to snap a football with a 250-pound noseguard in your face

On the track in front of the home stands, cheerleaders arrange their hand-painted mega phones and pom-poms. The Helix mascot, a bipedal Scottish terrier, “Scottie,” wearing a Helix jersey, #00, cavorts with the crowd.

The Essential Tales of Chekhov

An anthology by Richard Ford

What a sense of humanity permeated his stories! He had seen the worst of men. Even people that you know he doesn’t like and you wouldn’t like if you knew them, he is compassionate towards.

1998 – Tijuana's grisliest year in review

In a state of bloody mayhem

'Drug War Massacre at El Sauzal." "Tijuana Lawyer's Son Slain." "Mexican Army Tied to Drug Gang." "Tijuana Gunmen Slay 6." "Resort Seized By Mexican Drug Agents." "7 Mexican Border Agents Held In Slaying." "Bomb Call ...

Are there any permanent physiological side effects from tattoos?

Dear Matthew Alice: I'm reading a mystery novel written in Japan in the 1940s that has a lot of information about tattoos in it. I wanted to check out one quote that seems pretty amazing. ...

Janna and Nancy Sipes, San Diego sisters, trapped on Mount Kilimanjaro

Inseparable twins

On December 26, 1997, Janna and Nancy Sipes thought they were going to die. The two San Diego sisters were trapped through the night 18,500 feet up on Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro in a howling, freezing ...

Plutonium waste t will be entombed forever next to San Onofre

Federal judge rules against Cubic in favor of Iran

San Diego's plaintiffs' attorneys were set to have their own version of the Academy Awards on Tuesday at a festive dinner in the ballroom of the Wyndham Emerald Hotel downtown. Calling themselves the "Consumer Attorneys ...

Sun-watching spots around San Diego metro area

Winter is an often perfect time for watching the sun rise or set in San Diego. Picture yourself on a clear late afternoon, perched atop a seaside bluff or on one of the hills that ...

Asian students are a class apart from UCSD and SDSU contemporaries

"My cousin started dealing drugs to earn money when my uncle cut him off”

If you still have black hair, you’re a dweeb and probably can’t even get a date. “I’d much rather go out with a girl with tea hair,” says a Japanese boy in the USD student lounge.

San Diego's Mexicans who dragged at Paradise Valley Road and went on to Bonneville

Bean Bandits

Along the south side of Paradise Valley Road, from the mesatop by Bell Junior High School, waves of rooftops undulate down to the shore of the hazy blue bay. The area is graded, developed, and ...

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