Content for Thursday, February 11, 1999

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How Frank Bompensiero met his fate in Pacific Beach

Shot in the dark

Some evening soon, drive out to Pacific Beach. Be there about 8:15. The sun will have been down several hours. Across the sky every last orange and violet streak will be gone. Take a jacket. ...

Hike into the Pine Creek Wilderness east of Alpine for a look at Secret Canyon

The ambitiously constructed Secret Canyon Trail, circuitously nosing its way down the canyon walls of Pine Valley Creek for 14 miles, traverses nearly the entire length of the Pine Creek Wilderness in Cleveland National Forest. ...

Scientists analyze San Diego fog

Fog collectors will dry out our chaparral

Get this: Johnny Cloud is into fog. Joel Blanket is into fog. Jerry Estberg (read "East Mountain") is into fog. Fog Cloud, Fog Blanket, Fog Mountain... Is this destiny or what? The three scientists are ...

Writer works for free at San Diego's Gulf Coast Grill

Life on the line

“We’re going to start with the Cajun Trinity, that’s onions, celery, and bell pepper. So grab a colander and get enough for two cups each. Onions are on the floor to your right, celery and peppers in the walk-in.”

San Diego Anglo media ignores Zapatistas

The Spanish-language reporters dive in

The press conference is crowded into the front room of the old blue wooden house at 11th and G. That's where Rosario Ibarra de Piedra sits, at the end of an oblong table. Hers is ...

California senator Steve Peace thinking of running for mayor of San Diego

Bilbray voted for Bill Clinton's impeachment

California senator Steve Peace, who says he's thinking of running for mayor of San Diego, has just introduced a bill to allow what many think is a questionable way for cities to run up more ...

"Watching TV is quasisocial. Unlike reading, it's something I can do with my wife.

Possessed by the blue glow

"You really watch television?" The question hung in the air, unencumbered by any trace of snobbery or pretension, buoyed up by a genuine sense of wonder. That simple, sincere wonder made the question all the ...