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This Man in Black: Why did they love him? Why did they fire him?

Father John Aherne at St. Augustine's

In the 1940s, says Patrick Keane, Aherne’s successor, St. Augustine High School “was a rinky-dink operation out there on the edge of town, and [yet] for him [Aherne], it was Cambridge and Harvard.”

Busted Scanners

Bill Cheek has been fiddling around with radio equipment and monitoring the airwaves in one way or another since the 1950s, when, as a kid, he pried open a brand-new transistor receiver, tinkered with the ...

Bordering on Narco-Chaos?

'I would hate to be the president of Tijuana tourism board." So says Andres Oppenheimer, 48, Pulitzer prize-winning Argentinian-born Latin American correspondent for the Miami Herald. He was in town recently to speak at San ...

Eye of the Beholder

Noted Point Loma artist Robert Irwin, 70, suffered a minor catastrophe last week when one of his famed acrylic sculptures was shattered after it mysteriously fell from a wall at the Denver Art Museum. "We're ...

The Garage Identity Problem

Custom homes and midlife crises

Already, architects are experimenting with “Row House Revival," narrow unattached homes harkening Victorian urban dwellings, and “Courtyard Clusters," tiny cottages in circular 'covered wagon” formation as options for first-time buyers short on cash.

The most isolated stretch of the Pacific Crest Trail within San Diego County traverses the Caliente Wilderness Study Area.

San Diego County's 135-mile portion of the 2600-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) starts at the Mexican border near Campo, zigs and zags from one rounded ridge to another, and passes into Riverside County near the ...

Can you make a list of the steepest streets in San Diego?

Matt: Would you do a favor for all us bike riders and make a list of the steepest streets in San Diego? -- A. Rider, San Diego Dear Matthew Alice: What are the steepest street ...

Who was the original April Fool?

Matt: Who was the original April Fool? Where did the day come from? -- The Weaver Family, La Mesa Nobody's positive, but best evidence says it was a Frenchman. It's 1564, and the French king ...

Why isn't there keg beer in Mexico?

Why is there no keg beer in Mexico? -- S.B. in Clairemont Ah but there is, my friend. Not much, but some. In a few big Mexican clubs, mostly. Especially those run by Americans. Both ...

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