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San Diego's Marcella Rabwin assisted David Selznick in Gone with the Wind

Sex and intrigue behind the silver screen

“Lucille was my best friend for 50 years. You probably remember her as Lucy from I Love Lucy, in which she seemed happy. But she was not happy all the time at all."

How are objects reflected in a mirror, and how do our eyes focus on the object?

Mat: Here is one that has always bugged me. It seems logical that when I look at something in a mirror, the critical distance my eyes should have to focus is between me and the ...

The Santee and the Dolphin — cars engineered in San Diego

Why aren't we driving Santees today?

You can take the boy out of the car, but sometimes you just can’t get the car out of the boy. Especially if he grew up in the ’50s and ’60s, the hot rod and ...

Point Loma's Bayside Trail is not simply for out-of-town tourists

Walk through a former war zone.

The Bayside Trail, sweeping downward from the old lighthouse at Cabrillo National Monument, offers an incomparable view of the city of San Diego and its watery environs. Amid the sweet,pungent sage scrub and chaparral vegetation, ...

I sit and stew during obscenity at Padres game

My real problem was Meathead

I love baseball. I grew up watching the Yankees suffer through the misery of the '80s -- despite having Mattingly and Winfield and Guidry -- on WPIX Channel 11, listening to Phil Rizzuto exclaim, "Holy ...

John Chane, dean of St. Paul's Cathedral, blames Catholic Church for conservatism among Anglican

Chane welcomes same-sex marriages and gay clergy

Those unfamiliar with the Anglican Communion's range of belief and practice were puzzled in early August when, on the lawn of Kent University in England, Bishop Emmanuel Chukwuma of Nigeria tried to lay hands on ...