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San Diego's least-remembered great man – U.S. Grant Jr.

Second son and namesake of the warrior president U. S. Grant.

Buck Grant was a man of substantial means in 1893 (thanks, in large part, to that $1 million dowry from his senator father-in-law). He bought a 25-room mansion at Eighth Avenue and Ash Street.

San Diego boundary commissioner Robert Effinger writes home to Ohio

San Diego resembled nothing more or less than an Indian Village

The greatest sport in this country is dancing. All the California women waltz. Our balls consist in Spanish dances and polkas — a few quadrilles & country dances are for the benefit of those who cannot waltz.

Escondido's Dixon Lake Recreation Area offers shoreline trails

Forgo a dip in violent water

Normally by the time early summer arrives, water flowing down the larger canyons of San Diego's backcountry slows to a trickle. This post-El Niño summer season is proving to be the 10- or 20-year exception. ...

What is the hierarchy of ratings by the ADA, and do the toothpaste manufacturers buy these approvals?

Matthew: I notice that on tooth-care products, the ADA has given ratings such as "Approved," "Professionally Recommended," etc. What is the hierarchy of these, and do the toothpaste manufacturers buy these approvals? Some have no ...

Do any of the shadow towns in the Soviet Union still exist?

Dear Matthew: Tell me about the replicas of American towns constructed in the Soviet Union as training grounds for KGB/GRU/NKVD agents during the '50s and '60s. Do any of these shadow towns or their ruins ...

Robin Spark of San Diego claims his aunt Muriel Spark is Jewish

Her brother from Santee, Philip Camberg, says no

On a well-to-do street in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Thursday, June 18, a 60-year-old gentleman named Robin Spark received an anonymous package from San Diego, California, and promptly called the police. In a very short time, ...

Axciom DataQuick of San Diego gives Canadian prisoners internet access

"We were trying to be good guys"

A few weeks ago, some folks in California, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho got calls from Calgary Herald reporters informing them that Axciom DataQuick, a San Diego-based company, had given 200 convicts in several Canadian prisons ...

Padres paying big player salaries for a "magical" season

George Gorton, ex-boyfriend and advisor to Mayor Susan Golding is on the "advisory board" of the Arizona Boys Ranch

The name of a familiar San Diego politico has surfaced in connection with a controversial Arizona ranch for wayward boys and girls. George Gorton, once Governor Pete Wilson's top political handler and ex-boyfriend and advisor ...

Penpals-N-Prison makes no appeals to our compassion

You could start a family — conjugal visits every three months

The Web reaches out. Its name refers to something abstract, to the network of latticed filaments that extend all over the world, flashing currents of information, innovation, and ideas. But for many users, the Web ...