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Luck and loss at the Palomar Card Club

Roses are red, violets are blue, never draw to an eight, and never two

I’d been unlucky in love. Ergo: time to try poker. I hadn't played in many years and then I played badly, impatiently. But that didn’t matter. Only the adage alluded to above mattered. And one ...

Where on earth do you buy Mallomars

Matmail: Mallomars? Where on earth do you buy Mallomars? The last box I saw, I bought; and that was at the Big Bear supermarket on Governor Drive in University City in 1981. I will drive ...

Where did Spanish fly get its name, and where did it come from?

Dear Matthew Alice: I would like to know how Spanish fly got its name and where it came from. Does Spanish fly work, or is it just one of those things everyone says works but ...

What are the effect of breathing in argon?

Dear Matt: Most of us have heard the effects of breathing helium on speech-- sort of Billy Barty on speed. The explanation is that helium, being a light gas, allows more rapid vocal cord vibrations, ...

The discreet charm of Encanto

There's no snooty people here

One of Klauber’s daughters remarked that there was not much to do in the environs [of Encanto] except look at the views and smell the sage and tar weed. But that, she said, was enough.

One-way hike from Black Canyon to Pamo Valley

Traverse pristine and isolated lands of the Cleveland National Forest near Ramona.

Arising on the west slope of the Volcan Mountains, Santa Ysabel Creek slides through Santa Ysabel Valley and soon enters the Lake Sutherland reservoir, northeast of Ramona. Once below the dam, water in the creek ...

Fletcher Hills water tank, Carlsbad's Split Pavilion

Public art's hurly-burly

Consider people who rant on issues about which they believe themselves experts. Everybody holds an opinion on everything -- like a fellow on the radio contending that the National Endowment for the Arts should be ...

Tony Curtis' Alpine father-in-law is 17 years younger

San Diego admiral fed contracts to and two-timed his paramour

Details are sketchy so far, but word has it that the latest Pentagon sex scandal has a distinctly San Diego tinge. Fifty-four-year-old Rear Admiral John T. Scudi, whose title was director of shore installation management ...

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