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Young girls on the sand in Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach

Teen angels

July 2 and 3 — Mission Beach Three girls from Temecula Valley High School, Paige, Ramona, and Tarah, agree to talk with me. Tarah is 16 and will be a senior in the fall. She ...

No uvula, no vibrato

No vibrato, kiss opera singing good-bye

Dear Mr. Know It All: What is that uvula hanging in the back of my throat for? What recourse do I have if I get tired of it? —Phil Harris, San Diego This one’s at ...

Why pigeons perch on Clairemont Mesa exit sign

Descendants of European cliff-dwelling birds find peace on 805

Matmail: Driving north on 805 one day, I noticed a whole mess of pigeons amping out on the Clairemont Mesa exit sign. There were none on the sign before it or after it Now this ...

The glow-in-the-dark Band-Aid packaging

Flying ions!

[Too frantic to write a salutation]: Don’t even ask how this came up. But it’s urgent! I MUST know the answer! When you open a Band-Aid in the dark, why does the glue on the ...

How parrots stomach hot peppers

Capsaicin, the natural flame factor in peppers, tricks mammals’ digestive chemistry

Mattster: My parrot loves hot peppers. He (she, maybe) can't get enough and doesn’t screech or sweat as he chows down on them or even when he poops. Why do parrots seem to be unaffected ...

No one could say what Donald Bickerstaf did for a living

Was at the top of the FBI's financial fugitives list

Donald Marquis Bickerstaff was a big wheel at the Del Mar track. The 38-year-old investment advisor from Poway and his 20-something bride were regulars around the Turf Club with its free-flowing booze, gourmet cuisine, and ...

San Diego teens asked why they steal

It's cheaper than going out and buying

According to the National Retail Federation, more the $25 million worth of goods is shoplifted each day. Teens between 13 and 17 account for 30 percent of shoplifters, even though they make up only 7 ...

Dean Spanos, son of Chargers owner Alex, is throwing a political shindig for Marilyn Quayle

Biggest political loser in the continuing controversy over the stadium: Mayor Susan Golding

She's running against state treasurer Matt Fong for U.S. Senate, but Susan Golding has a more direct Asian connection. A reliable source says her honor is getting regular acupuncture treatments from the city's foremost specialist. ...

Doctor Jim Eichel on a work vacation in Mali

This must mean Fatouma really loves me

Underneath my name on the shingle that hangs outside of my office's front door are the words "Berkeley International Health." Until we sold our practice nine months ago. That was what my partner and I ...

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