Content for Thursday, October 30, 1997

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Gizella Sabo: “I survived Auschwitz... for this?"

Six months to live

Gizella Sabo took the news hard. “I survived Auschwitz,” she said, smashing that bitter noun to smithereens. “I came out alive from that place. And for what?” she demanded. “For this?” This had turned out ...

I track the previous owner of my sewing machine to Sun City

“She’s probably never left Oklahoma”

The next week, I met Mrs. Ferguson, aged 82, during Mike’s regular Thursday visit to Sun City Gardens, a triangle of blue-carpeted buildings by the freeway that overlooks, on three sides, the hot suburban desert.

Matt Lickona: my darling droolbucket

How to win a little being's love

Four months. Four months since I left the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, a little surprised that they were letting me just leave with this newborn, half expecting some sort of institutional monitor to be sent ...

Fake owls on gas stations, liquor stores — what they mean

Bird scarers

Mattster: Being the designated dad in my family of six, I am usually too busy to watch the passing scenery during our local travels via the family wagon (actually it’s only a hatchback...). But my ...

How we can change the date of Halloween

Christmas, Easter, and Halloween are bigger than Congress

Matthew Alice: How do you go about changing the observed date of a holiday? My friends and I feel that Halloween should be observed on the last Saturday in October. That way children could go ...

From the Baja-Ha-Ha race to the Coconut Milk Run

"El Nino is supposed to diminish the trade winds"

It takes a lot of work to drop out of the rat race if the escape route entails crossing 3000-plus miles of Pacific Ocean. Justask Ellie Goolkasian and David Hudson, most recently of Oceanside. Three ...

Should Bears Have Arms?

If the bears had not ripped Fred Gilbert's arms off, he might never have made the connection with Maria Amparo 40 years later. The accident happened when he was a boy. He'd gone to see ...

San Diego's secret new lease agreement with Sea World

Chargers Stadium redux

Well-connected observers say the next big controversy to hit city hall will involve the city's secret new lease agreement with Sea World. Officials in the city's real estate assets department say that a hush-hush copy ...

All primary care physicians have patients we call our albatrosses

Who else would take this patient but me?

If you are a woman therapist in your late 40s, about 5'7" (“but not too tall”), blond of hair, conservative in dress, self-assured, nurturing, non-flamboyant with a pleasant voice, I want to meet you. Not ...

The danger of getting fleas from kissing my cat

Think of the tapeworm danger.

Matmail: Okay, now don 't give me any trouble about this. I kiss my cat. Not on the mouth (yuck!), on the head. She's a very loving affectionate cat. Bumps heads (the cat way of ...