Content for Wednesday, November 26, 1997

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San Diego fire station cooks at UTC, Midway, Southeast

Four-alarm grub

Fires sometimes interrupt dinner preparations at Fire Station 35, a few blocks from University Towne Centre. But when I watched the men one late afternoon, I was struck by the calm grace of their motions. ...

Waifs, strays, and grace come to Thanksgiving dinner

How far we came to be here .

I hate walking along the street and seeing cars filled with families driving to grandmother’s house. I hate for the neighbors to see me and to imagine their thinking, “I wonder if she has any place to go.”

San Diego avocado growers fight off thieves

Trees of life

Despite the revolver, the man got out and tried to push the car. It wasn't until Jeanne fired a shot in the air that he stopped, got out of the car, and put the avocados back into the bin.

Off-shore sewage pipeline in South Bay $98 million

Andy Warhol's San Diego Surf finds home in Pittsburgh

What's the biggest challenge facing new San Diego City Manager Mike Uberuaga? Controversies over a new baseball stadium, the convention center expansion, or cost overruns at the proposed downtown library? None of the above, say ...

Karen Krasne's Extraordinary Desserts is "like my baby"

She evokes the spectacular, famous cakes of the early 19th Century

It's 80 degrees outside and there is no breeze and a couple sit in a snug booth at Karen Krasne's Extraordinary Desserts on Fifth Avenue and with neither comment nor expression methodically eat several slices ...

Matthew Lickona gets kisses from first baby

Fin tries to eat the world.

When I was in college, some of the tutors would bring their families up to campus on Sundays to attend Mass and stay for brunch. When your school has only 200 students, the influx of ...

Darryl Young roots out SEAL impostors

The ethics of outing fake military heroes

When is a SEAL not a SEAL? Too often, says Darryl Young, an ex-SEAL who trained in Coronado. Young heard of so many many SEAL impostors that he helped form a group called the "U.S. ...