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How UCSD Medical School transformed a young man into a doctor

Show me your saphenous vein, James!

During the first year of my residency in family practice in Maine, I came home to Los Angeles for Christmas. The climate switch in the seven-hour cross-country journey, from minus 10 to 86 degrees, didn’t ...

Trap doors inside freeway overpasses

Blow the Mission Valley bridge back to Burbank

Matt: While navigating through myriad “seismic retrofit” hazards on area freeways, I've noticed several trap doors on overpasses, with ladders leading inside. I've always assumed overpasses to be solid concrete. I've heard that in Switzerland, ...

I hope they don't hurt bees when taking their pollen

A screen knocks some of the pollen off their legs

Matt: Bee-ing a concerned smoothie drinker, me and a few colleagues were wondering what the actual process was in collecting bee pollen. Most juice consumers use this product in our smoothies from the local juice ...

Carl Stalling and Raymond Scott — composers of Looney Tunes music

Remember the plunk-plunk-plunk as Sylvester tiptoed up on Tweety?

Matmail: We've all heard the theme music for “Loony Tunes” cartoons on TV and at the movies. Was this music composed for “Looney Tunes,” or was it taken from a classic piece of music (excerpted)? ...

UCSD nurse threatens William Rehnquist

A head of steam

Susan Viola Klat, until recently a night-shift nurse at UCSD Medical Center in Hillcrest, is now sitting in a Washington, D.C. jail. Three weeks ago she was convicted of making threats against William Rehnquist, chief ...

Ken Moser of San Diego Baykeepers spies on Southwest Marine

They're not even looking at the dust

It's a perfect morning for spying. The water glints metallic blue in the sun. Marietta, the harbor cruise boat, slicks by, crammed with Zonies on its upper deck. You can hear the female guide's voice ...

Douglas Barnhart gets contract for Chargers cantilevered seats

Over the past two years, Poway contractor Douglas Barnhart, along with 13 relatives and employees, pumped $2745 into city councilwoman Barbara Warden's campaign war chest. During the same period, the Barnhart group gave a total ...

Men will rise to the level women demand of them

A father prepares for a son.

"....and there's his scrotum. It's a boy." As the doctor said this and pointed an arrow labeled "boy" at the white dot on the ultrasound, a wave of pride hit me. Yes, I admit to ...

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