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Psychic Theodore Graham-Rogers, head of county probation

Beyond belief

I am lying on the floor of my office, eyes closed. For weeks I’ve been talking to people who knew Theodore Graham-Rogers. I’ve been reading things he wrote during the 20-year span from 1947 to ...

How chicks breathe inside their eggshells

Through their butts

Matmail: I was getting ready to cook up some eggs the other day, and I started do the little chickens breathe inside the shells before they’ve hatched? It seems like a long time for ...

An out-of-control ticktacktoe game

The mysterious Xs on Highway 101 in Encinitas

Dear Matthew Alice: A large, white, official-looking X has been painted in the bike lane on northbound 101 in Encinitas, in front of D.B. Hacker’s restaurant (101 North Highway 101). Who painted this X, and ...

The Chouest ship dynasty

Their names are everywhere, including North Island

Dear Matt: Who/what are the “Chouest” ships (the Laney Chouest, Dolores Chouest, Cory Chouest, Amy Chouest) — red and brown, with mini-subs on board, which go in and out of the bay? What do they ...

The truth about ostriches' heads in the sand

Breathing would be the problem

Mattster: Where did the idea come from that ostriches stick their heads in the sand when they’re frightened? Do they really do that? How do they keep from inhaling the sand? — Curious Person, San ...

San Diego concert promoter Bill Silva gets a sweetheart deal

Donations and free tickets grease the skids

Three months after he cohosted a "birthday party" fundraiser for City Councilwoman Valerie Stallings's 1998 reelection campaign, veteran San Diego concert promoter Bill Silva has been given what critics are calling a sweetheart deal to ...

Keith Kimura pulled unconscious from BUDS training tower and dies

Breath-hold a plaything for Coronado SEAL instructors?

The buzz took longer than usual to reach me. A Navy seal named Keith Kimura was pulled unconscious from 60 feet of room-temp, gin-clear water on 10 January 1997 and died the next day at ...

Expansion of Chargers stadium pitfall for Golding senate campaign

The file of 7000 donors

How does Susan Golding hope to become a U.S. senator? By raising millions from San Diego's biotech fat cats. That's part of a plan revealed by Golding handler and ex-boyfriend George Gorton in an interview ...

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