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Booze and death for the Fletchers in Borrego Springs

What happened? A pioneer family's tragedy

At midnight on August 24, Kent rang the doorbell at the Fletcher Hills house of his grandfather, Ed Jr. The housekeeper testified that Kent asked to come in the house and sleep, but she told him that was against his grandfather’s orders.

San Diego port commission gives $250K to GOP convention after Gerald Parsky plea

Lavish parties for Susan Golding, boat trips for visiting tobacco lobbyists

The Republican chief of staff of the congressional Joint Taxation committee is drawing heat for traveling so much on somebody else's tab. Kenneth Kies, a former tax lobbyist, accepted 46 free trips from private groups ...

San Diego Mormons explain longevity

New study shows them living 8-11 years longer

That the children may live long, And be beautiful and strong, Tea and coffee and tobacco they despise Drink no liquor, and they eat But a very little meat... - from a 19th-century Mormon song ...

Arkansas Dems hire San Diego's Bill Lerach

We are talking about only $2500

Just another Arkansas Bill In Arkansas, it's always smart to do what the natives do. That seems to be the policy adopted by San Diego's Milberg, Weiss, Bershad, Hynes and Lerach, the lawyers famous for ...

I planted a moonflower after burying my father

My plants reminded me of saints and monsters.

During the next several days, the worms ate their way through my radishes, arugula, and beets. They munched happily — I watched them — on my sunflowers and on my moonflower vines. They ate the leaves in a clean, irregular fashion.

Why earplugs don't affect your hearing under water

Your head turns into one great big ear

Matthew Alice: Why can I still hear underwater when I wear earplugs to keep water out of my ears? — Jake, swimming I can understand your confusion. You certainly can’t smell underwater when you wear ...

San Diego’s zoo, Disneyworld, Florida's Sea World used PolyTrap

And why you can't find it in stores

Dear Matt: Several years ago, I heard San Diego’s zoo was using an ingenious, environmentally sensitive spray developed originally to minimize desiccation of cuttings, called PolyTrap. Based on bubble gum’s chief ingredient, it would effectively ...

What you must do if you find a human skull.

The law doesn’t specifically say you must report it

Matt: If I'm digging in my back yard and I come across a human skull, do I have to report this to anyone, or can I keep it? Does it matter how deep I find ...

San Diego police kill Willy Velechovsky on Loring Street

Couldn't they have used mace?

'I want this to come out in print," says Walter Velechovsky. "What happened to my son. Why they could blow him away. I haven't even had the guts enough to ask my daughter what happened. ...

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