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One thousand Cucapa, Kiliwa, Kumeyaay, Paipai survivors left in Baja

What remains of an ancient local civilization

He says the Mexican bureaucracy is overwhelmed by the Indians who have migrated to the border area from mainland Mexico; they now outnumber the Baja Indians by at least 40 to 1.

Duncan Shepherd Replies to His Critics

Among people who know me just well enough to speak to, and not well enough to care whether we ever speak again, the most frequently and I suspect ghoulishly asked question over the years has ...

Scout ants and food gatherers have low energy requirements

In the lab, scientists got about 100 kilometers on the wing from a fly

Dear Matt Alice: How far can an ant go on one fuel-up? No, really. I need to know because my son is convinced that ants eat on the way to the job. But I say ...

Steeplechase — popular with the East Coast fox-hunting set

28 hurdles, seven water jumps, hedges, and more

Dear Matthew Alice: While the rest of the world considers the Olympics a done deal, I’m still trying to figure out why the hurdlers landed in a small, slant-bottomed pool of water at some of ...

The origin of G-string

Used by some American Indians to hold up a loincloth

Dear Matt: My boyfriend asked me a question the other day I simply did not know the answer to. Where did the word G-string come from? He thinks it’s because when you see a chick ...

The tough female school bus drivers of Fallbrook

Stop food fights, clean up after motion sickness .

When Sherry —the sort of woman who could play Mary in a live Nativity scene — decided to become a bus driver so her husband wouldn’t have to work such long hours, her father was horrified. “Oh, Sherry, no!"