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Metaphysical Okie: Jim Thompson In San Diego

Sojourn of a novelist in the 1940s

In 1944, at age 37, Thompson became a Marine. He lasted 12 weeks, plus a few in the infirmary, with rheumatic fever. His family got by on the salary Alberta made as switchboard operator at Solar.

The amount of water needed to make a raindrop

Measure with panty hose

Dear Matthew: When a cloud is getting darker and darker, that’s because it’s filling up with water and getting ready to rain or snow. But if it needs a certain amount of water to make ...

Russell Forester, the architect of Jack in the Box

A weirdly honest approach to dispensing food

McDonald’s, once known for its exuberant golden twin parabolas flanking a glass-and-steel pavilion, is now the most boring recitation of mansardism. Only the Wienerschnitzel chain still clings to its defining, red-roofed mini-A frames.

How atheists swear to God in court

The absolute truth “under penalty of perjury”

Dear Question Guy: How do people swear in court if they don’t believe in God? Also, if there is an acceptable oath that doesn’t involve “the help of God,” why don’t they just use it ...

How to go south on 805 from Sorrento Valley

I-5 north from Carmel Valley Road

Hi, Matthew: Why do drivers exit the 5 freeway going north at Carmel Valley Road just to get back on the freeway going south? I see this every day and cannot figure out what’s up. ...

Spinach not all that successful in San Diego

Green on your teeth

Mr. Ledgerwood said that he’d been eating a lot of carrots and spinach lately. “I used to suffer a lot from arthritis, and now I’m just as clean as can be. It is a surprise to me.

Two San Diego spiritual consultants

Look deep Into my crystal ball and start to lie

I'm rolling west in my unheated van, make a right toward the ocean on prospect. It’s a crisp Monday morning and downtown La Jolla is already too crowded. I poke around Silverado and Girard seeking ...