Content for Thursday, July 27, 1995

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Cambodians, Lao, Viet gangs terrorize Crawford, Horace Mann, Gompers, Lincoln, Kearny High School, Linda Vista

Bulletproof Buddhists

“They like to carry the 9mm handgun,” Officer Roy moody says. He's talking about Lao and Cambodian gang kids. “And, of course, they do like the semi automatic rifles like AK-47s, even though we haven't ...

Why Mozart can make you smarter

Complex forms of music make our brain circuits fire faster.

Hey, Matt: Why is it that whenever people listen to music they have to tap their toes or somehow keep rhythm with it? — X Cleveland, San Diego Dear Matthew Alice: My boyfriend does his ...

Sin Jen, a romantic gardener in Ocean Beach

Get that gorgeous girl out of that rock

Sin recalls a disaster that struck San Diego before the war: When the water from Hoover Dam was first used in California, it was too salty and killed all the begonias and acid-loving plants.

Chopra has the New Age set in Del Mar enthralled

Deepak's six pack

Of course, Chopra is well on the way to realizing his own infinite possibilities. He sold a million copies of his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and that’s just the hardback figure.