Content for Thursday, May 5, 1994

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Chinese hiding under a rock in Baja

An ugly toad's promise

I’m one of the Chinese Americans who cringe at the word “Chinaman” and understand spoken Chinese but can’t and won’t speak it and hear Chinamen telling everyone what kind of stupid American-born fool I am.

Smoking on San Diego buses gets a small fine

Easting, drinking, playing radio more grievous

Dear Matthew Alice: I recently rode a San Diego municipal bus, which was a loathsome and hideous experience. While riding, I noticed a sign that listed activities that are prohibited by law. The sign stated ...

R.O. Peterson's funeral served to underscore the overcrowding at Fort Rosecrans.

At the military cemetery, you can't take much with you

“Right now there are 500 deceased veterans from San Diego and around the country waiting to be placed in the wall. R.O. Peterson is 500th on a 500-person list to receive the honor.”