Content for Thursday, September 2, 1993

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Gonzo San Diego visitor studies baseball caps, shark's tooth, postcards, placemat

Tourist trash, tourist treasures

"See the marketplace in old Algiers,” sang Jo Stafford quite clearly in the summer of 1951 or ’52, “Send me photographs and souvenirs,” but I heard it funny. (Kids’ ears are like that.) I heard ...

San Diego pot smuggler deals with terrible accident

From Palm Springs to Mazatlan and almost back

It was time to fly, after a series of delays that spanned two months. The Mexican Feds and our connection had a shootout, then a rainstorm had our landing strip under water. Then there was ...

The missing Reader T-shirt mystery solved

T-shirts too cheap, too small — plus stories from T-shirt fans

Dear M.A. Dude: Where are all the Reader T-shirts people win for solving the "Reader Puzzle*? Me and my friends have never seen anyone wearing one. — Mark Rossi (Ocean Beach), Paul Woodburn (Ocean Beach), ...

Inside the OR at Sharp Chula Vista

Scrub leagues

"I know how it can be frightening to some people. It’s not frightening to me. If the sharp instruments are dealt with in the proper manner, you won’t get hurt. I’m not going to catch AIDS by touching somebody."

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