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Body Revisionists: San Diego's plastic surgery industry

Plastic surgeons who cut and clip and nip and sew skin tell why they do it.

San Diego has the second highest concentration of plastic surgeons in the United States, trailing only San Francisco. This I learned from Dr. David Wolf, who heard it at last year's national meeting of the ...

Depeche Mode fills a trivial hole in the adolescent psyche

I'm sick of being a Euro weenie

Black-clad boys and girls who think of themselves as alienated because they have begun to doubt the precepts of Christianity.

A Kitty Hawk sailor recalls the 1972 race riots on San Diego-based carrier

Marauders in the passageways

The recent reassignment of the Kitty Hawk to San Diego recalls an earlier time in that aircraft carrier's history when relaxed discipline in the military services was making news. Immediately following air operations aboard the ...

Americans prefer white turkey meat in their Thanksgiving meal

Savage breast

Dobson’s chef, Deborah MacDonald Schneider, doesn’t make giblet gravy. She says that she “wouldn’t eat the giblets at gunpoint.” But Schneider does make a turkey gravy and was kind enough to type out her recipe.