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Peter Bohmer, Franz Schnaubelt, Mac Heald, Tiffany Chin, Dorothy Morefield, Brian Batey, Alex Drehsler, Robert Cox, Louis Wenzell, Clifford Graham, Dr. David Reuben

San Diegans who were famous for a very short time

Heald’s surrender to Los Angeles police was delayed until he recovered from self-inflicted wrist slashes. Jim Holtzman told staffers if Heald was given probation instead of jail time, he would have the job of executive producer of the Channel 8 news.

Tijuana dump now two warring colonias: Panamericano and Trincherazo

A friendship survives time and the southern abyss

Families appear whose fathers have gone across the wire, not to return. The mothers can be seen, later, hauling the gifts and the food and the candy up the steep cliffsides, their children yelling and laughing.

John Steinbeck IV comes to rest in the West

Destiny manifest

In a March 1989 interview with the Reader, John explained the move to La Jolla: “We were doing movies. We wanted to be close to Hollywood but not in L.A.” The two-story La Jolla Shores house overlooked the ocean.

Let’s Be Friends

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