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San Diego Marine reservists tell Kuwait stories

To Hell and back with the weekend warriors

The Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center on Pomerado Road is a large cube of brick. Inside, Marines and sailors hustle and bustle, and the atmosphere is casual. A young woman Marine takes me to ...

Roger Revelle: friend, scientist, real estate tycoon

His career as wheeler and dealer

The Teamsters balked at a three-way swap for some Imperial Valley land that Revelle and his partners had arranged in order to avoid paying capital gains taxes. The fearless Revelle took the mob-ridden union to court.

Absolutely the last eclipse article you have to read this year

A gaggle of astronomy nuts on the tip of Baja

What they saw was astonishing — gigantic prominences, red sheets of burning gas hundreds of thousands of miles high, shooting out from the sun’s surface on three sides. “It’s on fire all around,” one woman exclaimed.