Content for Thursday, October 3, 1991

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Karen Wilkening: My Own True Story

Madam to San Diego elite - part one of two

At one point, Bonnie Dumanis traded places with my Philippine immigration escort for a while and began talking to me. She wanted me to go right to San Diego and get it all over with.

All the World's a Sneetch

Dr. Theodore Seuss Geisel died Tues. evening — now all the questions come out.

A generation learned to read with the Seuss I-Can-Read series. In my kindergarten, perhaps first grade, there was a prohibition against reading Dr. Seuss books aloud for reading tests. Too many kids knew them by heart.

Wanna Sniff, Hombre?

Glue-snigging urchins in old Tijuana

His name is Andres. He awakens with the sun. He lies in bed as long as he feels like it, picking the crust of glue off his upper lip. It’s white and vague as milk ...

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