Bonnie Joy Eagleheart said she believes the killer posed as a flower-delivery man. “And his name might be Cliff."
  • Bonnie Joy Eagleheart said she believes the killer posed as a flower-delivery man. “And his name might be Cliff."
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He's not black, this Clairemont killer. Contrary to police reports, he's from India and speaks with an accent. His skin is tan. the color of coffee with cream. He lives in Clairemont, near the killings. His hair is black and straight but curled at the end He’s thin and wiry — about 5'7" — but older than police I think: 27, not 18 to 23. That’s how seven San Diego professional psychics ‘‘see’’ the man who has stabbed five woman this year in their Clairemont and University City homes.

“I know the energy of people from India,” said one of the psychics, most of whom asked not to be identified. “He’s not black.

He doesn’t have that black African energy. The pictures of him with curly hair are all wrong. He’s from India and still very much affected by his culture. He’s not from a lower caste.”

A Clairemont clairvoyant was jogging through a neighborhood near the killings two days after the latest slayings when he saw a man he believes is the killer. “I was on Genesee Boulevard near Tecolote Canyon and I was thinking about the murder when I looked up and I saw a thin man walking towards me. I said that’s him. It looks like the picture. I got a real strong strike that he was the killer. As I got closer he looked more like he was from India. He had a dark olive complexion. I thought. ‘That’s him, but what can I do?’

“I had the strongest feeling I just wanted to double him over, carry him to the phone, and say, ‘I got him.’ It was the strongest feeling that he was from India. He wasn’t like the composite drawings: his head was more square; his eyes were a little bit more almond-shaped. But there was a resemblance to the picture: thin face and dark complexion. But his hair wasn’t like the picture. It was black and greasy straight and flipped a little at the end."

This psychic, one of four who said the killer is from India, reported his feelings to the police on the 235-TIPS police hotline. But they never called him back. “And for a couple days after that, every time I thought of him, I felt a stabbing pain in my ribs and felt the presence of a woman."

Police have not released details of any of the crime scenes. But several psychics said the killer acted coldly and calmly. No blind rages. No broken furniture. No messages scrawled on the walls. Just anger and emptiness. And all the victims, except one. a mother who was killed with her daughter, were raped, they agreed.

Most did not report strong feelings about how this killer gets into the homes without breaking in. But Bonnie Joy Eagleheart, the only psychic who agreed to be identified, said she believes the killer posed as a flower-delivery man. “And his name might be Cliff," she said. Eagleheart and others believe the killer is a janitor who works at night, perhaps at a school. Said another: “I see him surrounded by mops, buckets, paints, and planter boxes as if he were in a janitorial closet or a garden shed of an apartment building. I see him driving an old car, oxidized red with rust. Not a big car, intermediate-sized. He’s meek. And milquetoasty. He wouldn’t stand out in a crowd. He blends in.” Another clairvoyant said she envisioned him driving a dark, late-model car with a sloped back. "I see white gloves, knotted stockings or panty hose, and bottles of Pepsi Cola. With one victim I heard the words Bob and Arthur.” He bites his fingernails, has a tattoo of an anchor on his forearm, and lives or works on the waterfront in the shadow of the Coronado bridge, perhaps on 13th Street or the 1800 block of some other street, according to the same clairvoyant. “I see ships. Navy ships. And his grandmother may be ill.... I see bruises on the wrists and one of the victims saying, ’Let me go.’ And then I see the words ‘negative.’ ”

This psychic and Eagleheart said the killer may have mutilated the victims’ feet and burned them with cigarette butts. Eagleheart said the murderer further mutilated the bodies by carving a crescent moon and an X on them. All the psychics agreed the victims had seen their murderer before, though probably took no notice of him. ’’And I saw a white, diagonal scar on his chest. Not a surgical scar.”

He’s not on drugs, nor has he told anyone about the murders. He listens to loud, discordant music, perhaps heavy metal bands whose album covers may have been the inspiration for his gruesome carvings, said Eagleheart. He may have a birthday soon. “He has a lot of Scorpiotic energy. But that could be true even if he were not a Scorpio. I also feel he could be Sagittarius." These sun signs occur in November and December.

San Diego Police spokesman Bill Robinson said the department had used psychics in the past, especially on missing person cases. But they have never made an arrest based on this paranormal information, he said. This killer, however, is not afraid of getting caught and may have already picked out his next victim, the psychics said. “He wants to get caught. But he doesn't want to go to jail. He wants to be killed. That’s the only way he thinks it will end.”

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