Colin Flaherty

Flaherty wrote news and features for the Reader in the early 1990s.

Articles by Colin Flaherty

Scripps Ranch – starter homes

Scripps Trail, bus service, nay-sayers, fight against WalMart, secret missile testing, view from Mira Mesa, USIU, a mooning incident

Good intentions behind paving of Scripps Trail Claudia Walker's family bought a home on the 10400 block of the street, a quiet, neatly manicured tract in Scripps Ranch near where the northeastern edge of the ...

They wanted money to soundproof 35,000 homes beneath Lindbergh Field's flight path.

Lawsuit ends, noise continues

At that point some members of the coalition began to worry about what would happen if they lost the case and then had to pay the port hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Riptide Watch at O.B.

There’s a whole lot of floundering going on at Ocean Beach. Lifeguards there rescue more swimmers per mile than any beach in California — and maybe the world. Some say that makes the waters of ...

City water employees gross out Scripps Ranch

Moon for the misbegotten

Pearce called police, but the party was over when they arrived. He refused medical attention after the incident but later saw a doctor for heart pains he said were caused by the scuffle.

Tony Hillerman is half Sherlock Holmes, half Carlos Castaneda

Every time my friend picks Gabriel García Marquez up, he falls asleep

My buddy Fred has been reading A Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Marquez for more than a year. But every time he picks it up, he falls asleep. "That's a great book," he ...

The death of Womancare's Deborah Fleming

Debby really was pro-choice

“Yes. I remember the case,’’ the doctor said. “It was a home birth, with, I believe, a midwife. We could have saved the child, had it been born in the hospital or treated right away."

Psychics say Clairemont killer comes from India

Profiles in murder

He's not black, this Clairemont killer. Contrary to police reports, he's from India and speaks with an accent. His skin is tan. the color of coffee with cream. He lives in Clairemont, near the killings. ...

Civil rights icon James Meredith icon moves to Mission Hills

Placed last for Republican central committee

Many strange paths end in San Diego. But none, perhaps, as twisted as the path that brought James Meredith to the comfortable Mission Hills address he now calls home. You don't have to be a ...