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Books: Sandra Dijkstra, what teachers read, play scripts, baseball, airplane books

I felt like running to him and offering my support, shouting. “Neil! Neil Simon! Compadre!”

I’m Talking Monster Books Amy had a title on this book. She called it Wind and Water. She was using the theme of the I Ching. I looked at these synopses of the stories, and ...

Why there are no good football books

The smaller the ball

"They nip, top, wallop, trounce, rout, down, subdue, smash, drub, paste, trip, crush, curb, whitewash, erase, bop, slam, batter, check, hammer, pop. wham, clout, and blank the visitors. Or they zero them. They jolt them…."

Steinbeck, Bergman, Alan Ayckbourn as script writers

The suspense is gone the second time, but there’s twice as much pleasure.

Plays are short enough to allow for re-reading. The suspense is gone the second time, but there’s twice as much pleasure in interpretation once you know where the characters are going.

Sandra Dijkstra, literary agent, tells of her success with Amy Tan

I'm talking monster books

"I think that I have a sort of natural editorial tropism; it’s sort of innate in me. I have a sort of irrepressible publicist in me. I help my authors get the word out."

What books San Diego teachers read

Jane Eyre, Catcher in the Rye, for starters

What books lie on teachers’ nightstands? This innocent question about reading habits and tastes has the power to befuddle, embarrass, or provoke impressive lists. Some teachers lament not having enough time or energy to turn ...

Airplane books kinda like airplane food

Let's start with Lovestorm, by Judith E. French.

LAX. SAN. JFK. You're standing at Gate 27B. You've already checked in for the ugly 12-hour flight to Europe or Africa or South America. Bags loaded, aisle seat assigned, nothing to do now but mill ...

First names most popular with San Diego businesses: Bob, Dave, Mike, Jim, Don

A town called Bob

Hundreds, if not thousands of San Diego businesses bear the first names of their owners, and the most popular business names aren't necessarily the most popular baby names. Top honors go to Bob, ranked 21st ...

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