Content for Thursday, February 17, 1983

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SDSU's Smokey Gaines good at recruiting

But weak at coaching

Smokey Gaines slid into a booth in a dimly lit Chinese restaurant one Monday afternoon not long ago, scanned the menu for about five seconds, and then laid it down. The restaurant is one of ...

A 7-11 at Voltaire and Bacon?

Ocean Beach unchained

At least the folks at the Southland Corporation are persistent. Various Ocean Beach residents recall that in the last decade Southland has tried three or four times to build a 7-Eleven store in Ocean Beach, ...

Chauncy Jerabek, the San Diego tree man

Beneath the bunya-bunya

He was charged with planting and maintaining the parkland trees. Most of the trees in Balboa Park, and many of those in other public places — Old Town, for one — were planted by Jerabek.