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1980 San Diego in review – long and short takes

Tom Metzger, Carol Doda, Reagan takes Ocean Beach, Springsteen disdains San Diego, Rod Page throws punches

The long view Here is frenetic Golden Hall on an otherwise placid evening, the first Tuesday of June, 1980. It is the scene of election central for the first primary of the decade, and San ...

Matthew Alice's best questions of 1980

The beauty of our local on-ramps

I toss out some of the letters I receive, the ones that pose questions I have answered before, or questions too trivial even for me. But I don't reject everything that finds no place in ...

San Diego restaurants, 1980

I find New Year's Eve one of the most depressing nights of the year. So much emphasis is placed on forced gaiety, on the ritual of seeing the old year out, on sentimentality; it's more ...

San Diego theater and classical music, 1980

Best, unforgettable, and Beelzebub awards

The following awards are drawn from musical and theatrical events I have attended throughout 1980. There may possibly be a better play or concert which I have missed; there are bound to be far many ...

Pop music in San Diego, 1980

Albums, books, much more

Beat Albums Releases Special Edition Peter Gabriel Get Happy! (Elvis Costello and the Attractions) Doc at the Radar Station (Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band) Full Force (Art Ensemble of Chicago) The Up Escalator (Graham ...

San Diego Santa Clauses of 19890

Parkway Plaza, Grossmont, College Grove, Mission Valley, UTC

How did you get started? Jim Boyd Parkway Plaza I've only been here a short while. A friend called me and said one of the Santas didn't come in. I don't know if he was ...

San Diego's Heavy 50 in 1980

Our movers and shakers

Ed Meese. San Diego’s strongest link to the White House, he served as chief of staff to both Governor and presidential campaigner Reagan (in between he founded the Center for Criminal Justice Policy and Management ...

Theater in San Diego, 1980

Frankly, I can't see why anyone would want to have total recall, the ability to recollect at will every moment of his life on the instamatic lens of the mind's eye. Such an ability, no ...

Movies in San Diego, 1980

The big news story was Heaven's Gate

Duncan Shepherd The Fifth Annual Willa Cather Citation for the classiest title of the movie year goes to Hide in Plain Sight, not a very Catherian title, certainly, but perfectly suitable for something on the ...

Imagine you are Wallace Stevens in North Park

A step closer to suburbia

The house sits up from Juniper Street in North Park on a square of lawn girdled by pink cinderblock. The gables above the front door and window make the house look slightly exotic — English or Bavarian.