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Oceanside is looking for a few good men

A town that preys on Marines

On paydays the route three bus from Camp Pendleton to Oceanside is jammed with marines. It leaves the base along Vandergrist Boulevard, then proceeds to the Mesa Marguerita housing area and North River Road, picking ...

The 1962 Tropic of Cancer trial in San Diego - and its aftermath

Another Miller’s Tale

I had to defend all the notorious passages. Suddenly, Gutfleisch switched to yet another attack: “Would you allow your son to read such stuff?” I shot back, “How can he when he’s only six years old?"

Surfers versus Oceanside Harbor

Shifting sands

There's a classic confrontation in Oceanside these days that should be interesting to watch in the months to come. It involves the city council, Camp Pendleton, the Western Surfing Association, the Army Corps of Engineers, ...