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What will happen to Coronado's ferry landing?

Haugh Enterprises, Cascade Pool Co. will sell to someone

Walk down to the end of Orange Avenue in Coronado and you can almost imagine the ferries still running. The lot where they used to tie up still stands empty and undeveloped. The spot offers ...

Coronado Shores beat deadline of coastal height limit

"Drive by there some night and you can see how empty it is”

Now that the last two giant condominiums at the Coronado Shores development have begun to inch their way up into the Coronado skyline, there’s still discussion of the development. However, that discussion has a wholly ...

Muhammad Ali Will Not Fight George Foreman at the Coliseum

(But you can watch Julio Gomes punch it out with "Iron" Mike Avans)

"Every now and then the public gets interested in violence. People get interested in that kind of action. I think it's an ideal time for boxing to make a comeback."

The gun emplacements of Point Loma

North of Humphreys is Battery Ashburn, probably the most accessible of the batteries

Construction of the gun batteries began in 1873, but Congress appropriated no additional funds for seacoast defense for about the next 20 years, so construction was not resumed until close to the turn of the century.

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