Content for Thursday, March 29, 1973

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I play "La Paloma" and "Maria Helena" on the buses to San Ysidro

The duke & the king abound in stories

The Duke of Mission Hills said to come over right away. The World Harmonica King was taking a bus up from Horton Plaza "and should be here any minute." The Duke's house, north of Washington ...

Pacific Beach political porn

Fine Arts Theater defies the Mt. Soledad cross

Sometimes, not always, one expects a pretty lush experience at the porno flicks. In Los Angeles, for example. people are lining up around the block to see Deep Throat, one of the top 2S grossers ...

Deliverance's images work to deny the movie's point

Run your hand across Carbiniers, < Contempt, Chinoise.

Penetrating vision of life, complexity of plot, depth of characterization — or whatever it is that the movie critics who get quoted in newspaper ads demand for a movie to reach the statue of fiction ...

Jeff Weinstein flays the Prophet Vegetarian Restaurant

I didn't chew my rice enough

I asked for a dinner of stuffed mushrooms, and was served a visually beautiful dish of dark circlets sitting in white glistening sauce, out of which bean sprouts grew like hair.

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