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San Diego, the rock and roll desert

At the Aspen Pub or Wallbanger’s or the Voyager you get the San Diego sound, four guys plodding through “Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog"

You live in San Diego, right? And you want to spend a Saturday night listening to some rock and roll. You're looking for good musicianship, interesting repertoires, you might even want to kick up your ...

San Diego movie houses I have known

The Strand, the Linda, the Ken, the Roxy charge less than a dollar for double-features.

During the marathon COMBO auction, on television last week, the only movie-related item to come up for grabs was a one-year pass for two to any of the Spreckels, Broadway, and Tower theatres. It went ...

And you thought Strawberry Alarm Clock was weird

Band includes George Bunnell of Pacific Beach and Randy Seol of North Park

Oh yes, we ran into them in Chicago. They were two fat girls with t-shirts on that said plaster casters. They had a museum in their basement. Mick was there and Hendrix and Davey Jones' was in glass.

The 1891 lighthouse on Point Loma and the 1912 one

Light housekeeping

Downen's duties include upkeep of the area; watching for offshore accidents, and transporting children to and from the school. When a water rescue is needed, a call goes to the Coast Guard cutter at Ballast Point

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