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Year One (2009)

Anachronism-littered buddy comedy about a hunter and a gatherer expelled from their primitive village and followed through a Biblical landscape of Cain and Abel, Abraham and Isaac, Sodom but not Gomorrah: “What transpires within the confines of the walls of Sodom, stays within the confines of the walls of Sodom.” ... (PG-13)

0.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Yellow Day (2015)

A young man's live-action visit to a Christian day camp is transformed into an animated journey toward spiritual maturity, thanks to his ten-year-old guide. Carl Lauten directs. (PG)

None stars

Yellow Submarine (1968)

The Beatles cartoon. It wants to be, but it is not, the Sixties equivalent of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear. Clever enough and colorful enough to be diverting for half an hour or so, though it goes on a lot longer than that. Directed by George Dunning. (NR)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Yentl (1983)

As Barbra Streisand has gotten more ambitious, more powerful, not to mention more old, she has not gotten any more disposed to incorporate these characteristics into her coltish screen persona. We are asked to accept her here not only as an adolescent, but as an adolescent who, with a haircut, ... (PG)

0.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Yes (2005)

No. (That would be the one-word review.) No, in specific, to the formulation of modern-day dialogue in rhyme (yes, rhyme, as in "So many lies" answered by "I guess that's what happens when love dies" or "I can't go on like this" answered by "Why? What did I say, what ... (R)

0.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Yes, Giorgio (1982)

Life never has to be "lifesized" -- at least not when you're the size of, and can hold a high note as long as, the American Express Card representative and opera evangelist, Luciano Pavarotti. He, willing to play the buffoon for his art, makes his screen debut in the sort ... (PG)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Yes Man (2008)

Measurement of the loss of elasticity in rubber man Jim Carrey, now showing the effects of age and experience on his creased, rumpled, baggy face. (The Number 23 can’t be easy to bounce back from. Ever.) He nevertheless strives to recover his antic former self in the role of a ... (PG-13)

0.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

The Yes Men (2004)

Documentary co-directed by Chris Smith, Dan Ollman, and Sarah Price, with a routinely (for documentaries these days) awful image, about a pair of political pranksters named Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Bonanno. The film concentrates on their adventures upon setting up a parody website modelled on that of the World Trade ... (R)

2.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Yesterday (2019)

A singer awakens to find himself in an alternate universe where the Beatles never existed. Voila! Instant success. No doubt another feel-good charmer from director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire). (PG-13)

None stars

Yi Yi (2000)

A very long movie of very small events. It starts with a wedding, ends with a funeral, and has a birth in the middle -- the full cycle of life -- in addition to an off-screen suicide attempt, an off-screen murder, and even an eleventh-hour touch of the supernatural. But ... (NR)

2.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Yojimbo (1962)

Akira Kurosawa's bloody-minded political parable about the struggle for supremacy in a godforsaken 17th-century rural village. The feudists on both sides are uniformly petty, pea-brained, and baboonish (the only thing protecting them from one another is their cowardice), and justice is done when an unemployed samurai wanders into their midst ... (NR)

5.0 starsDuncan Shepherd

Yo-Kai Watch: The Movie Event (2016)

Shigeharu Takahashi and Shinji Ushiro direct this story of young Nate's journey back in time to recover his stolen magical watch. (NR)

None stars

Yol (1982)

Yilmaz Güney, Turkish actor, writer, director, and political prisoner, was still in jail when he smuggled out instructions for this film, to be implemented by his assistant, Serif Gören. (Güney later escaped prison and fled the country.) The off-screen circumstances have no doubt warmed the reception of this film on ... (PG)

1.0 starsDuncan Shepherd