Last year, a good friend of mine had one of those moments you wish you could make everyone forget. A moment in time you wish you could go back and erase, to avoid a life time of being made fun of. Well, good luck friend; its time to relive that moment. (I will send him a link to this blog).

I was at work, it was around 630am. I get a call from my friend, who for the sake of this story we will call Wilber. Wilber was short of breath, and had the most incredible announcement to make; Scientists had found a living Tyrannosaurus, a T-REX, in the Congo!

Well, he was my friend, and I so there I was, listening to his story, and, well, finding myself believing it. No, it was not April first. How could man, in his mid 40s, come ot believe this?

Apparently he woke-up around 2am to go pee, and then happened to hear his radio. Apparently he goes to sleep listening to the radio; fair enough. The radio broadcast wasn’t the usual over-the-night entertainment show. Instead, it was live coverage of the discovery of a baby T-Rex in the Congo. And so, for the next four hours, he listened to paleontologist and other dinosaur experts come on and talk about this incredible discovery. Then they had a General from the US ARMY explaining how they had been asked by the UN to provide security from poachers and other civilians who might try to see the animal.

On and on this report went, until, 630am when my friend called me at work. I didn’t listen to the news that day on my way to work. I had my Essential Barry Manilow CD playing at the time. So, when Wilber called, I believed him; he is a friend and not one who was known to smoke weed or snort lines; I have other friends who do that. Now, had one of them called, yeah, I would have doubted their sense of reality; but not Wilber!!!

I did as he asked and began searching the credible news sites. CBS.COM, ABC.COM, CNN.COM, DRUDGREPORT, SCIFI CHANNEL (I mean, and, to my shock, there were no reports of dinosaurs being found in Africa. Larry King had been sighted on CNN, but that was about as close as it came.

There is a show called Coast to Coast. Art Bell use to be the host, but a new guy named George Norrie has since taken over the show. It’s the show where they talk about UFOs, and government cover-ups. And the entire discovery of the T-REX was a radio show produced for Coast to Coast. To my friend it seemed all so very real, very exciting, but much like Orson Well’s radio show version of War of The Worlds, just pure entertainment.

My friend, of course, would not believe me when I told him there were no news stories reporting this discovery. So convinced was his mind, he couldn’t bring himself to escape this false reality that he had created. He was just excited about being one of the first people to hear this incredible news story.

I will never let him forget this nutty chapter in his life, how could I? I’m his friend. It is amazing how our minds will adapt to a given reality, and even defy the truth when such a reality is proven wrong.


DaniLauder Dec. 4, 2009 @ 12:26 p.m.

Well not your usual kind of blog Mr. Scorpio. Reading this someone my think you are a normal guy. I kept waiting for a punchline. I think your friend may not be shooting-up but there is definately something wrong with him and you too for believing that kind of story.


RobertScorpio Dec. 4, 2009 @ 1:01 p.m.

It's a guilty pleasure. I like his ballads. I saw him in concert years ago and after he got singing a song called "IF I SHOULD LOVE AGAIN" all the women were crying and swooning. I thought to myself "wow, what a power!"

I actually most ballads. From Manilow to, gasp, Air Supply to Celine Dion. I'll take a ballad over a rock/rap/country/polka song anytime.


RobertScorpio Dec. 4, 2009 @ 7:35 p.m.

With blogs about ROUGH ANAL SEX and THONGS, I decided to go a little light.


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