"I'm not just a number! Dammit, I'm a man!" --Bob Seger, from "Feel Like A Number."

What does 47 mean to me right now?

Well, many things, really: 1) In elementary school, I wore number 47 on my softball jersey and was voted "Most Improved" on my team (The Westview Elementary Stars),

2) 47 was the uniform number worn by Pittsburgh Steelers cornerback Mel Blount during his time with the three-time (at the time) Super Bowl Champs (1 victory over Minnesota, two over Dallas),

3) 47 was the uniform number of pitcher Andy Messersmith of the Los Angeles Dodgers, one of the first players to file free agency (he later played with the New York Yankees and the Atlanta Braves).

4) 47 is the number of heartbeats described in The Escape Club's song "Wild, Wild West."

5) The 47th day of the year is February 16th.

6) The 47th week of this year starts on Sunday, November 21st.

7) 47 months is one year short of four years.

8) The AK-47 was developed in 1947 by General-Colonel Mikhail Kalashnikov (and the Soviet Armed Forces issues it to all branches starting in 1949).

9) We have not reached our 47th President (yet).

10) On 5-October of this year, I will be turning 47 years old (Es Deus Vult!).

Numbers can be such strange things...almost certainly, they are used to take the measure of most any man.

But numbers are merely that...and can belie the true abilities of any person.

Still, having reached 47 years as of next Tuesday...

A) It's a reminder that in three years, I will have lived a half-century.

B) It's also a reminder that my life-clock is ticking down to my eternal rest.

C) And that, for now forty-seven years, God has granted me time to make the most of.

That's something worth getting up for, even on the most rainy of days! Or the hottest, (or any day) for that matter! So it will be--so be it!


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Founder Sept. 30, 2010 @ 8:49 a.m.

Reply to Almost 47 You're now, just closer to Heaven

What can I say About that day

I really don't mind saying so For me it was a while ago

I did the math, thinking back to that 47th Party But could not remember who showed up and who was tardy

I do remember it was a day happier than the rest So on your next Birthday, I of course wish you all of the Best

But please, on next October Fifth Remember age, is just a myth

Buy a Lottery ticket and then do something fun then let me know if 47 was THE day you won


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