"You're In For Surprise, You're In For Shock!" --Judas Priest, from "The Ripper."

Hey, gang! LPR here, and things have finally started looking up. First, just to let you know that I finally got my Provisional SSDI benefits, starting this month. Now all that I'm waiting for is for my normal SSDI benefits to be resumed. That will take about six months. So, my rent is covered, and Thank God for that!

Other than that, my health hasn't been too good (skin's acting up again). I'm still looking for employment, and keeping my food supply stocked is a chore in itself. But, I'm grateful with each day I arise--for it's another day that God grants me to live, love, survive, and succeed!

Sorry that I have not kept up my blog here, but when you have an overloaded platter--sometimes, it's best just to set it down, sit yourself down, and lighten the platter by stuffing your face!

Talk to you again real soon! --RKJ


MsGrant Nov. 24, 2010 @ 9:50 a.m.

Happy Thanksgiving, Robbie! Your attitude is refreshing.


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