"The Beat Goes On--The Beat Goes On!" --Sonny and Cher

27-Aug-2010, 09:00hrs.

On the bus to Oceanside and the Family Resource Center. I'm hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst--that's why I'm going. I will be applying for General Relief and Food Stamps (I already have Medi-Cal).

09:30 hrs. On the Westbound Sprinter to FRC. The stop that I will be getting off at is Crouch Street--then a good twenty minute walk to Union Court Plaza. Oh, well, getting in some exercise never hurt anyone, except that there is no sidewalk here--only ankle-twisting dirt and rock.

09:51hrs. Arrive outside FRC. Bit of a line to get in. Estimate about fifteen-twenty minutes. Good thing I brought some iced tea (homemade) with me. I pull out a liter, twist off the cap, and down 1/3rd of the bottle. Cap goes back on--bottle returned to my backpack. Line moves up.

10:20hrs. Finally inside. Get the paperwork that I need, find a bench, and fill it out.

10:55 hrs. Paperwork complete. Back in line to turn it in and set up a time for intake/orientation.

11:23 hrs. Report next week at 14:15 hrs on 2-Sep for Intake/Orientation. Leave the building, head back to bus bench.

11:43 hrs. Back at Crouch Street Sprinter Station. Heading for Oceanside for lunch at Mary's Kitchen on Coast Highway. (Got my UI check on Thursday).

12:45 hrs. Lunch finished (Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes and gravy). Back to Oceanside Transit Sprinter Station and my trip back to Vista.

13:30 hrs On the Eastbound Sprinter back to Vista. Check cell-phone for messages. Kwamoto called (had called earlier about a status update in regard to my case). Paperwork was recieved, more on the way. Case moved to "expedited" status, plus I will be recieving six months "provisional" Social Security benefits. Make note to call back and set up an appointment.

13:56 hrs. Back at Vista Transit Center. Bus waiting to take me back to my apartment complex.

Upshot-- Looks like the folks at the field office in Oceanside agree with me and my dad that I was shafted. So, I will be getting six months of "provisional" benefits while this is being hashed out (SSDI/Medicare A, B, & D). Sounds nice, but until I see the paperwork....

My father picked up the tab for my rent for next month and this month. Have to pay him back when this is settled--worth it!

I can always call off the GR/EBT bennies if needed, but it's good to have a back-up plan. Also picked up a "COMPASS Card," which is the NCTD/MTS' new smart card for using the transit system. Reload it every month.

Looks like the darkness just turned to nautical twilight!



Founder Aug. 28, 2010 @ 8:03 p.m.

I for one trust that the "nautical twilight" will very soon become the "Party Light" and we all should then email his Boss and also the SSA and give rave reviews/kudos to "Mr. Kwamoto"...

In this day of Government foot dragging, we all should celebrate every instance where an Gov't. employee took the initiative and promoted for the "RIGHT" thing...



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