"Lunatic fringe--I know you're out there!" --Redd Ryder, from "Lunatic Fringe"

Change is a part of life. No matter how much we try to deny it--everything changes, be it for good or ill. This is how life renews itself, after all, there are no oak trees that did not start out as acorns.

Change also confronts us in the political spectrum. It used to be that your typical candidate for elective office had to be a male WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) who was richer-than-rich and could talk-and-lie out of both sides of his mouth without effort, Any other "not of the type" who ran for public office usually found themselves on the losing end come Election Night.

Now, we have Barrack Obama as our president--our first black President. Certainly, this may make folks feel uncomfortable (The Secret Service must be consuming Maalox by the case.). And one of his major "projects"--Comprehensive Health Care Reform--is now The Law Of The Land (pending court appeals).

Along with this, however, comes a storm of pushback. For many are resistant to change, be it in the race of our Commander-in-Chief, or the much-needed overhaul of our health care system. Not only are they uncomfortable with both, but also seem to be of the opinion that our nation is no longer a Democracy, but has turned into a Socialist-Marxist dictatorship....thanks to Obama.

Such fears, while unreasonable, are fair--up to a point. However, when such fears are acted upon inappropriately (via threats of violence, acts of vandalism and the like), we must take notice and appropriate action.

Telling your Congresscritter that because they voted for "Obamacare," they are nothing more than a chicken-bleep yellow skunk is one tghing. Telling that same Congresscritter that you'll be making a nocturnal visit with a rifle--and the intent to use it--is something else entirely!

This is where fear not only turns unreasonable, but could have disasterous complications. Having fear isn't a bad thing--it often pours cold water upon a hot temper. In fact, trust not the ones who say they have no fear--they are either suicidal, stupid, or distant relatives of Joe Isuzu.

However, if a person thinks that wasting a Congresscritter--let alone President Obama---over a political view is a "pretty neat idea"? Watch them closely...and keep your cell phone handy to dial 911. Following through on such an idea...even by calling your congresscritter's office and saying that since he voted for a bill you do not like, that you'll see to it he's going to pay with his life--is a Federal offense.

We may, indeed, fear change. However, we cannot stop it...we might as well try to stop the sun from rising in the east. And more is still to come.

How you react to it--that's up to you. Just remember that homicide (threat or action) is never appropriate.



CuddleFish March 28, 2010 @ 5:24 p.m.

Congresscritter, I love that! Must be closely related to retarded badger?


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