"Those that play with serpents...Get bit by serpents!" --Jake "The Snake" Roberts, WWE "Ring of Fame" Grappler.

Many folks don't know this about me, but I love to read magazines about fishing, hunting, and the great outdoors. To me, nothing tastes better than freshly-caught trout, cooked on cedar planks over a grill, and served with rice and corn. A little Willamette Valley soul food to me!

I also enjoy rabbit, bass, venison, mackeral, salmon...especially if I caught "my dinner" beforehand from the bounty Nature provides for us. Obviously, living out here in an "urbanette" setting is going to put a cramp in my ability to go hunting or fishing. The fact that I rely on public transportation makes it a bit harder to hunt and fish, natch.

That's OK...I can still read about experiences in my favorite outdoor magazines. However, one of them--North American Hunting Club's monthly magazine, to be precise--has released a bit of news that will drive you "Dittoheads" up the nearest convienent wall! It seems that Rush Limbaugh has, somehow, made nice with the Humane Society of the United States.

Now, before you think that HSUS is about the local kitty-or-pooch pound, think again. One of their stated goals is to see hunting and fishing outlawed by legislative fiat. No if's, and's, or ugly butts about it. Add to that the fact that they would also love to see meat eating made illegal (Tofu, Anyone?), and you have a group that rates just below PeTA in both obnoxity and presumptiveness!

Well, according to North American Hunter, Rush Limbaugh has made several commercials giving props to HSUS. (Check out www.nahc.com for details). The fact that most hunters and anglers are politically conservative tells me that something is going haywire here with Rush. Has the OxyContin finally rendered him "conservator bait" by frying one too many brain cells? Has he misunderstood what HSUS is truly about? Or is Rush just being Rush, in that he's either been paid a truckload of greenbacks to parrot HSUS' party line, or that he just does what he wants...and his listeners can go suck a salmon!

It just goes to show you that Lord Acton was, indeed, correct about what power does to a person. I actually feel sorry for those who thought Rush is God. By aligning himself with HSUS (most of whose membership isn't anywhere on the right-wing spectrum), he has shown the public that he is, truly, a God That Failed. The NRA and other sportsmens' groups have begun trying to "educate" Druggie Limbaugh about siding with (in their worldview) "The Lesser Satan" (PeTA is "The Great Satan" in the eyes of most sportsmen) as he did. Good luck with that endeavor--you're dealing with a real mule-headed fellow here.

Frankly, I am no conservative politically. Fact is, I take no real pleasure in seeing folks pull a bone-headed move, resulting in a trip to the Hall of Shame in Jerksville, Nowhere! However, when a so-called "Conservative Champion" like Limbaugh ends up showing his true colors? Then the ones I feel the most pity for are those who believed his every word on his radio show and in print.

Actions, kids, speak louder than words. Will that prove true about Mr. Limbaugh's involvement with HSUS? God only knows--and that info is "need-to-know" classified.



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