I have been in the serving industry since I was 15 years old. Done my fair share at a pizza joint, managing Einstein Bagels and also Starbucks, now fine dining and catering. Keep in mind those pastries you overly pay for and scoff down on your way to work are not fresh. These pastris, bagels, whatever you would like to call them are only shipped frozen and laid to rest and defrost in the pastry cabinets. They wait to be bought when you spend the $3.00 dollars for a butter less scone and $5.00 dollars for a triple Venti blah blah blah you think you need to run your course of the day through.

But not here to write about that.

I spend hours reading food critics interpretations of service and the actual cuisine they devour to either make or break a restaurant. I have much passion for being a server. I have worked for many great chefs in San Diego, we will leave them nameless for now.

My first blog will help you understand they are many different types of servers in this city or anywhere for that matter, so you can not generalize. From my experience, yes you have those servers that show up serve you with your food and hope you get the hell out with out a complaint. These are the lazy servers who don't help with side work and are probably there for the the free food you don't finish on your plate. Yes, servers eat you food if you don't ask for it to be boxed up... gross but true.Then you have those types of servers that are there to socialize, make friends in hopes that they meet someone who will offer them a different job. And then finally, you have the servers that really make a triumphant challenge to please you.

I will let you know the insides and outs of why servers, the ones that matter, are here to serve you a pleasant experience. We are here to make you enjoy your dining experience, we actually care if the food tastes beyond expectations. We share this experience with our chefs. We are not here to be exploited because the kitchen is slow. I always say, if I could jump back in the kitchen and and make it myself, I would.

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