Yesterday, about 5:30PM I was driving up Adams Avenue. To those who know me that would be enough to have you thinking, hmmm, she was driving? It was getting dark. Why would she be doing that? I had somewhere to go! My life is growing larger, I am volunteering more and contemplating my self less. Selfless if you want to join some words together, that is what I am once again becoming. My hope has been restored enough to get me away from the computer and out of the house to serve others. That brings me to the point of this article. You, my friends, are not visible. You, wearing dark clothes, crossing the street anywhere you please are putting your life in the hands of someone who while driving might be sipping a beverage, having a conversation on the phone or with the child just picked up from daycare. You, riding your bike in and out of the peripheral vision of the driver are putting yourself at risk. I am not that old, my vision is pretty good but please hear me: You are not being seen! Last night, in the stretch of two short blocks, no less then 3 people walked in front of my moving vehicle. By the time I got to my destination, I had watched two cyclists enjoying a side by side conversation, a dog break free of its owner, and someone back their body into traffic to balance a cup of coffee on the roof of their car while digging for keys with a cell phone scrunched between their head and neck. I practice mindfulness. I try and do one thing at a time with my full attention. I do not drive too much because I don’t enjoy driving; I am a good conscience driver. Last night was like being inside a video game. What on earth were you thinking? Oh wait, maybe you were not thinking. Please do, you are fragile, loved, and important to someone.

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