Yesterday, the neighbors were quarreling again; someone called the police, then it was quiet. Well, it was quiet outside. Inside, I was shaking. Yesterday afternoon, other neighbors had their landscape person, using his blower, not only pollute the air with fumes, but the noise was deafening and he blew the debris under the fence to our walkway! Last night, in the alley outside my bedroom at about 2 AM some people walking bye were having a conversation as if it were 2 in the afternoon. My question is this. Have we lost the fine art of living among others? What can someone be thinking when their conversation can be heard by everyone. Yes, I understand the cell phone situation, that is a whole story of its own; but we are living in a society of LOUD. With the trash trucks and dumpsters, car alarms, and sirens, have people become so numb they think they cannot be heard? Author Anne Lamott, in a “Salon” essay, talked about having a quiet protest against the war, perhaps gathering in front of libraries. I would like to suggest a day of mindfulness where we consider the fact that we are not alone, do not own the alley or sidewalk and have just a modicum of respect for each other. What a concept.

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free Dec. 4, 2008 @ 3:15 p.m.

i like the sound of that concept... thanks... so beautiful too, the reading of witnessing nowness... experiantly, free


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